Premium Paid Features

Purchase License

A licence is required to enable premium paid features.

Premium License Fees

199 USD per license.

Validity Period of Premium License

All licenses issued at the current stage will be valid for life for early adopters.

How to Obtain a Premium License

Send us a BSV at with a license fee of $199. Then send us an email at and provide the following information:

  1. A subject of “Purchase sCrypt Premium License”

  2. Transaction id of the payment

  3. Your paymail

After receiving your email, we will reply to the license bound in your email. Please do not share the license with others.

How to Use Premium License

After receiving the license, activate in the settings.

Script-Level Debugging

The debugger provided by IDE not only supports sCrypt source-level debugging, but also Script-level debugging. In debug mode, click the View Script in debugging button in the upper right corner of the code editor to open the script view. It mainly includes these features:

  1. Real-time display of the association mapping between sCrypt source code and its compiled Script;

  2. Set a breakpoint by clicking on the editor margin, and start stepping through the bit script by pressing F10 or F11. For more debugging tips, please refer to Debugger

  3. View two stacks in the Data Stack window in the lower left corner;


Copy Value

Right-click on the data item in the Data Stack window, and the Copy Value menu will appear. Click this menu to copy the data on the stack to the clipboard.


Using this function can facilitate advanced users to further improve the efficiency of development and debugging, and potentially script optimization.

Code Optimization

Optimization is the process of converting a piece of code into functionally equivalent code to improve one or more characteristics. The two most important characteristics are code speed and size. sCrypt programming is different from traditional programming using Javascript or Python, because when the transaction containing the compiled result is submitted to the Bitcoin network, the size of the script directly determines their running cost. Therefore, the final script should be as small as possible to save transaction costs 1. The sCrypt Developer Optimization Guide lists some tips for developers to manually optimize the script output of their sCrypt contract. Manual optimization can lead to ambiguous and difficult-to-maintain code. The compiler provides an automatic optimization functionality for premium users.

When using release build to build a contract, the compiler will automatically turn on optimization, which can significantly reduce the size of the script and improve its performance.


Currently, transaction fees are proportional to the size of the script/transaction, and in the future it is expected to evolve to consider the complexity of the script. Therefore, the optimization goal is also expected to evolve in the future.